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Preparing a resume and CV is tough for any professional, but especially for people searching for locum tenens jobs. There are some general guidelines to remember, such as not making it too long and using a professional font, but a locum tenens staffing agency will need more specific information from you than that. Here are some of the considerations you should make, and what you need to include for your locum tenens resume.

Take Your CV Seriously

Before we talk about resumes, we want to stress the importance of a quality CV. Your CV should include details like your existing certifications, pending board certifications, active state licenses, inactive state licenses and any other relevant information. Also include a couple of brief sentences about exactly what you’re looking for in locum tenens medical jobs, so the staffing agency can accurately profile you for the right employers.

Results-Oriented Achievements

Nowadays, a locum tenens staffing agency wants to know any results you’ve achieved at previous jobs. This is helpful because it’s exactly what employers want to know as well! If you were actively involved in reducing wait times, improving efficiency, saving money, discovered an innovative idea or product or anything else, be sure to include it on your resume. Innovation and achieving results is very attractive to locum tenens employers.

Use Powerful Words to Reveal Unique Achievements

Using action words can set you apart from other locum tenens jobs candidates. Don’t be afraid to highlight your achievements and make them sound better than they actually are. You never know what a potential employer is looking for. Reducing wait times may not seem like a serious accomplishment to you, but it could catch the eye of an employer in need.


Including quality references on your locum tenens resume can also be helpful. If you’ve worked multiple locum tenens medical jobs in the past, include a professional reference or two from those employers. Of course, be sure and ask them if you can use them as a reference ahead of time, so they aren’t surprised when an employer contacts them. Just don’t overdo the references section, since an employer will likely only call one or two at the most.

Building your locum tenens resume and CV is the first step in helping a locum tenens staffing agency find the perfect job for you. Be sure to contact us if you need help in any of these areas.

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